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    Company platform: listed company, large platform, broad promotion space
    Highly vertically managed listed large enterprise platform to help you become a steel. The strong background of listed companies makes customers more trustworthy and makes business operations easier. It is easy to cast you into the city's gold collar and industry leader in steel trade. Perfect career planning makes your career path a breeze.
    Company spot: warehousing giant, a large number of spot resources, higher profits
    The sufficient spot reserves of Baosteel, Shougang, Anshan Iron and Steel, Wuhan Iron and Steel, Jinan Iron and Steel and other major steel mills have unique advantages in the industry. The full range of high-strength, full-series wear-resistant precision positioning makes it easier for you to negotiate customers, create easier profits, and provide more comprehensive customer maintenance.
    Welfare treatment: six insurance and one gold, sufficient protection
    Private companies, the treatment of central enterprises. The industry's highest comprehensive non-responsible base salary + the highest comprehensive benefit commission, let you easily become the highest income group in the industry, only one, no one! Perfect five insurance and one gold guarantee, let you have a house in this city, a warm home is no longer far away! Cyclical training and further study, let you live to the old, learn to be old, always stand in the forefront of the industry, leading the trend of steel trade!
    Procurement logistics support: strong teamwork, easier billing
    With business-oriented operation concept and excellent service team, you can save your mind and effort! A strong purchasing team makes resource integration simple and fast. Efficient logistics team, let the vehicle always wait in the company warehouse, ready to go! And you only need to let customers feel our intimate McKinsey service!
    Steel trade is not difficult, it is difficult to make the platform too small! Steel trade is not difficult, it is difficult to know tomorrow!
    As long as you are passionate about your business, you are caring for your customers!
    As long as you are not willing to be mediocre, do not meet the status quo!
    As long as you are good at expressing, you can teach people!
    As long as you are full of expectations for the future, make unremitting efforts!
    We invite you to join us!

    Demand position:
    Sales elite, account manager, purchasing manager, human resources specialist, etc.
    For details, please log in to the homepage of Zhilian Recruitment of Jiagang Co., Ltd. for the resume delivery, or leave a message in the following form.

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